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How To Hire A Copywriter

The world of marketing and copywriting is tricky and confusing, and hiring a copywriter can be a minefield. An expensive one at that, especially if you’ve never hired a direct response writer before.

BUT… when you hire the right writer and everything goes well, you’ll be wiping your ass with ten thousand dollar bills.You’ll get so rich your grandkids’ grandkids will still be driving sportscars off the fortune you amass.

I’m exaggerating a little there – but only a little. It can happen that way, but I’ve seen the process from both ends. I’ve employed other copywriters for personal projects, and I’ve been the hired gunslinger brought in to knock it out of the park for so many different clients I couldn’t possibly count them all…

… so I’m here to talk you through the process. I’ll show you how to make sure it’s as painless as possible, and that you’re hiring the right person.

First of all, there are threehumongously importantqualities you’ll need to look for in a copywriter before you can even think about hiring them.

What To Look For In A Copywriter

Number 1 -Most important of all, they need to be a great copywriter. The better they are at the dark arts of written persuasion, the more money you’ll make. It’s that simple. Many times I’ve seen clients try to survive with cheap or average writers, and it always, always bites them in the ass because their launch flops or they can’t quite break even on their media buys. I’ve seen dozens of projects die a slow and expensive death this way, and it is not pretty.

In the world of copywriting the difference between so-so, good, and great isalmost incalculable. The writer’s skill level is all that stands between your business folding and leaving you bankrupt and hungry, or exploding with cash windfalls that make so much money you’re able to pay off your mortgage early and maybe buy a 2nd and 3rd home too.

Number 2-They need to be a professional. How long have they been doing this for? Do they have a history of coming through for clients and getting things done? Doesn’t matter if they’re the greatest copywriter the world has ever seen – if you can’t trust them to deliver, they’re worthless to you.

Money loves speed.If you’re sitting around twiddling your thumbs because the writer hasn’t delivered when they said they would… well, you won’t be making anything at all. And that’s kinda the whole point, right?

Number 3- Marketing chops. Can your copywriter strategize for you and help you tweak your entire funnel until it’s embarrassingly profitable? Can they help you optimize for certain kinds of traffic or eyeballs and then split test your way to truly flashy paydays? Or are they just a trained monkey with a typewriter?

The right kind of copywriter also has some truly ninja marketing skills. They’ll help you come up with angles and profit centers for your product you’d never think of yourself.And then work with you to truly optimize every inch of your funnel until it’s many times more profitable than you ever thought possible.

What To Expect From A Copywriter

First of all, good copywriters are expensive… at least until their work pays for itself. But there’s a chance you’ll make back that initial investment times a hundred or a thousand or more, and fast too. Which is why they’re expensive.

I once got an email from a client who’d just that morning gone live with the video script I wrote him. He’d made back FIVE TIMES what he’d paid me within the first hour. He was very happy, needless to say.

Your copywriter is the one person with the biggest influence in the success of your business.

Spending real money to hire one will probably be the single best investment you ever make in your success.

Bottom line, you won’t get the results you want, you need, or you deserve by hiring second-rate writers.

The unpleasant punchline: the “cheaper” writers usually wind up being more expensive in the long run, by quite a long shot.


Because by the time you’ve realized their work just isn’t going to convert for you you’ve usually burned through a nice big pile of cash, or burned all your bridges with JV partners.

Either way it’s an expensive hole to dig yourself out of. And it probably wouldn’t have happened if you hadn’t hired the cheap guy first.

How To Choose Your Copywriter

Unless you’re a trained, successful copywriter yourself it’s almost impossible to tell good copy from bad copy without testing it.Sometimes the copy you hate will absolutely crushthe copy you like, and vice versa.

So instead of asking to see a portfolio and then somehow trying to figure out if the pieces are “good” or not, simply ask them about their previous successes. Ideally you want to hire somebody with a string of successful projects behind them and a history of making their clients a lot of money.

Also, don’t be alarmed if your writer hasn’t worked in your space before. Some stick to one market, and others jump around to work on interesting projects as they come up. I personally have hit big winners in new markets plenty of times.

A Few Things To Ask Your Prospective Writer

A few things you’ll probably want to know:

Also, be prepared to answer some questions about your project. A smart copywriter will know right away whether they can help you or not. With a few bits of info from you, they can usually figure out exactly what you need, and let you know whether they think they can pull it off.

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