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Calling All Entrepreneurs: if your customers aren't willingly handing over fistfuls of cash and making you flat out rich, read this page immediately

Wanted: Business owners ready to make more cash than ever before & guarantee each project explodes out of the gate with maximum success

If you want your business to erupt into a firestorm of white-hot profit, you need somebody with a proven track record of delivering results like this:

“Dave — the webinar you wrote us for Traffic Titan made $70,000 the first day we ran it - and that's before we've rolled out to our JV partners! Thanks a lot!”

— Alex Shelton, TheRenegadeMillionaire.tv

“Pray he doesn't go to work for your competition.”

— John Carlton, John-Carlton.com

Direct Response Copywriter

From The Desk Of David Raybould,
Direct Response Copywriter/Marketing Consultant

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Dear Smart Entrepreneur,

Let's get right to it.

You're a business owner. Entrepreneur. Website owner, offline business…

… however you say it, you're in it to make money, right?

That means you need a steady stream of cash from your customers.

You need to turn potential customers into actual customers. As many as possible. Hordes of them. You want them hungry for your products and services, kicking your door down and scrambling to stuff fat wads of cash into your pockets…

… and you need them to be doing it over and over. You want every new customer to become a regular customer, happily handing over more and more money to your business.

Bottom line, if all that's not happening already, you need to make it happen.

And if you don't know how to do that, you need somebody who does.

You need a direct response copywriter/marketing consultant who knows how to make things happen. You need somebody with a history of making those things happen — over and over again for a variety of clients in a variety of markets.

To be blunt, you need me.


Well, this is not the time to brag – empty bragging means nothing, and you, like your business, deserve real results.

So I'm not going to brag. Instead I'll tell you about my previous results. How over the past few years I've helped my clients generate tens of millions of dollars…

… how I've helped them smash their controls, destroy their profit records, and in more than one case, become filthy rich.

In fact, I even helped an 18 year old English kid generate a million dollars with his first ever product.

And I did all that by writing hard-hitting, compelling copy that practically forces your prospects to pull out their credit cards and spend money…

… and by consulting with every client to make sure their whole sales process is airtight and ready for the big leagues.

Of course, all that could be just me making stuff up…

… so I want to throw some proof in here and let you know I'm the real deal.

After all, wouldn't you agree that results speak for themselves?

Here are just some of the astronishinly profitable results my clients have seen:

"David is my BEST copywriter period! …and I know them all!

"David Raybould is the MASTER of copywriters!

The wizard of powerful persuasive words that sells your products like crazy!

More than that David is a SUPER professional easy to work with kind of a person, that knows exactly what your needs are and how to implement them into an hypnotic sales pitch that magnetizes your visitors and converts them into HOT buyers your end.

David is my BEST copywriter period! …and I know them all!"

Michael Jones
Internet Marketing Expert

“I hired David to write my latest webinar and it blew me away — we haven't gone live yet but I honestly think this could be the highest converting webinar on the planet!

“Can't wait to test it out!”

— Jarrett Stevenson, NicheAssassins.com

“David's letter absolutely blew me away. His copy is like an iron grip… it sucks you in and never lets go.

“His flow, his style, his story telling, and indeed his selling… are unparalled at anywhere near the rates he charges.

“As far as I'm concerned, David IS my copywriter. Any future projects I'll be looking to him as my first choice.”

— George Brown, GoogleSniper.com

Alex Shelton (you can see his video above) hired me to write his latest webinar. His results? He made $70,000 the very first time he ran it. That means my copy paid for itself and generated a very hefty profit within ONE HOUR of being used…

… and that's before he involved any JV partners or did anything to really ramp up the profits.

Not bad huh?

See that guy George? I helped him make a million dollars in sales from his first ever product… and he was just 18 years old at the time.

I mentored under one of the greatest copywriters and marketing minds of all time - John Carlton.

Here's what John says about me:

“"Every once in a while, a writer stumbles onto my radar with the chops, the attitude and the ambition to do great things… that all reminds me of myself in my early career days.”

“It's a rare combination that is actually required for any writer daring to go deep into the world of crazed entrepreneurs and ditzy biz owners… where you can be eaten alive if you're not willing to do the hard work behind making projects wildly successful.

David Raybould is one of those dudes.

I've hired him to work closely with me on multiple projects, asked him to be a coach in the Simple Writing System program, recommended him to clients without hesitation… and assigned him the nickname 'Flashman' (one of the highest honors in my inner circle of writers and marketing wizards).

Pray he doesn't go to work for your competition.”

— John Carlton - The Most Respected & Ripped Off Copywriter Alive

Aside from all the testimonials and comments from previous clients, I've written no less than TEN #1 selling Clickbank salesletters and video scripts…

… and some of them stayed at the #1 spot for months, generating the clients six figures a WEEK the whole time.

David I've seen enough - I need to contact you NOW!

Here's how I can make YOU more money

Maybe you have an online business. Maybe you're offline… or direct mail, mobile, brick and mortar…

… whatever.

Really, it doesn't matter what business you're in.

Doesn't matter what your products are.

Doesn't matter what you're looking for - sales video scripts, webinar scripts, traditional salesletters, marketing advice, direct mail pieces, email campaigns…

… or even if you just want me to work my magic and give you insights into why your current project is tanking.

As long as your business is legal and ethical, I can help you rake in more dough than you are right now.

How will I do it?

By applying the principles of direct response - all those secrets I've fought long and hard for, all the stuff I've studied fr years and years…

… those same secrets that have generated millions of dollars for other people that have worked with me.

You hire me, my job is to make you more money.

Because you want results, right?

You don't want to throw your money into a black hole and just hope you wind up with a profit at the end of it. You want to hire a pro with a proven track record of generating profits.

Big, meaty profits. Delivered sizzling on a plate, just for you.

And that's what I do.

I eat, sleep, drink and breathe conversions and high-octane marketing tactics… and I'm itching to unload all my firepower onto your next project.

Or your current one, if you have something that you just know isn't performing like it should.

Can you magine what it's going to feel like to go live with your next project and explode into success immediately…

… just like some of my clients mentioned above have gotten?

Can you imagine how it feels to have those kinds of profits flooding your bank account every minute of every day?

Well here's the thing…

… you don't need to imagine it.

You can experience it for yourself.

To do that… or to drag that tired old product up from the depths and start generating the kind of profits you deserve…

… call me right now on 512-487-7751

We'll talk it over, and if we're a good fit I'll go to work helping you make more money. Way more money.

I get a lot of calls, so be prepared to leave a message with your name and number, and I'll get back to you ASAP.

Oh and there's a 24 hour answer maching too - so if it's 3am and you just found this site, give me a call anyway and leave a message. I'll get back to you first thing in the morning, and we'll see about grabbing you some of those increased profits I know you deserve.

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